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Community-Based Conservation
Parks in Peril is working with communities across Latin America and the Caribbean in many co-sponsored community-based conservation projects. In this section you can download documents from these projects and other community-based conservation guides. Documents»

Conservation Area Planning (CAP)
CAP methodology has been used extensively worldwide.  Learn about how the CAP/5-S methods have been supporting Madagascar's National Parks, the African Wildlife Foundation’s Heartland Conservation Process, and TNC's Guatemala Country Program. Documents»

Conservation Finance
Parks in Peril has developed several tools for partner organizations to better manage financial resources and plan financially for the long-term. Here you can download Long-term Financial Planning and the Long-term Financial Planning Workbook, and several financial strategies from Mexico to Colombia. Documents»

Ecoregional Assessments
Parks in Peril uses The Nature Conservancy’s ecoregional planning methodology as a systematic, science-based approach to conservation to analyze current levels of biodiversity in major ecoregions in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Here you can access the Ecoregional Conservation Assessment of the Chihuahuan Desert. Documents»

Parks in Peril has developed innovative methods for sustainable tourism within protected areas and has analyzed how tourism impacts conservation practices. Here you can download information about Ecotourism Impact, Monitoring and Ecotourism Best Practices, as well as a Manual for Training Local Nature Guides, and more. Documents» 

Environmental Education
Parks in Peril has sponsored environmental education projects through the Latin American and Caribbean region. In this section you can download documents from these projects, such as Madre de las Aguas in the Dominican Republic. Documents»

Fact Sheets
Download brochures and fact sheets about Parks in Peril projects in places where The Nature Conservancy works. Documents»

Institutional Strengthening
A number of tools have been developed to strengthen organizations, including the Institutional Self-Assessment Tool, and others that help institutions develop into sustainable organizations with regional conservation influence. Documents»

Marine Conservation
Parks in Peril has supported case studies and projects in marine areas on topics including fisheries research, water quality, and coral reef protection. Documents»

Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation can help demonstrate accountability and project impact.   It is also important for improving project management and can help identify conditions under which a project is likely to succeed or falter.  This section presents monitoring and evaluation plans for several areas in which Parks in Peril is working.  Documents»

Private Lands Conservation

Private lands conservation is an innovative tactic that leverages the increasing interest of the private sector to take part in conservation. Parks in Peril works with landowners, communities, cooperatives and businesses to establish local groups that can protect land. Some of the main tools used to achieve these goals include land trusts, conservation easements, private reserves and incentives.  In this section access tools for developing private protected areas. Documents»

Rapid Ecological Assessment
Parks in Peril supports Rapid Ecological Assessments throughout its protected areas to collect ecological and biological data needed for conservation. Information also includes downloads from Nature in Focus. Documents»

Resource Management
Protected areas have long been recognized as a key tool in countering the loss of the world’s biodiversity.  This section offers case studies on managing some of the important natural resources that protected areas in the Parks in Peril portfolio have been created to safeguard. Documents»

Site Consolidation 
The Site Consolidation Scorecard and processes have been used in various case studies and adapted to scorecard-based management approaches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Documents»

Systems of Protected Areas
Parks in Peril works within established systems to promote conservation of national protected areas in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Documents»
These pages contain documents in English, French, Portuguese, and Bahasa.