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Brazil’s Amazon and Atlantic forests account for about one-third of the world’s remaining rain forests. Once stretching from Brazil’s southern border to its northeast corner, the Atlantic Forest has been destroyed to less than 7% of its original cover, compared to the widely known plight of the Amazon rainforest, which 90% still remains. The remaining Atlantic Forest supports roughly 70% of Brazil's human population usually located near the wealthiest, most industrialized and most populous portions of the country, exposing it to booming urbanization, industrialization, recreational development, and agriculture.

Atlantic Forest

Atlantic Forest © Michael Giannechini

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The Atlantic Forest has such a large and varied number of species that some of the surviving parts of the forest contain 2.7% of the world’s plant species and 2.1% of all vertebrate species.

Brazil Partner Organizations

PIP has worked with the national protected areas system of Brazil to improve tools for conservation, including training to help establish Conservation Area Planning and Ecoregional Planning as standards for management in Brazil. The Brazil Country program gathered information on reserves of all designations and used previously completed maps and planning exercises to identify a set of first-stage, “no-regrets” sites for conservation investment. PIP has also built on the Guaraqueçaba project to improve conservation in other protected areas in Brazil.


Guaraqueçaba Environmental Protection Area  

In Guaraquecaba EPA PIP is working with with the Society for Wildlife Research and Environmental Education (SPVS) to protect Brazil's Atlantic Forest. Learn more...