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Amboro-Carrasco National Parks

Eduardo Avaroa Reserve

Noel Kempff National Park

Tariquía Reserve

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Bolivia, one of two landlocked countries in South America, is a stunning mosaic of elevated plateaus, glacier-capped volcanoes, tropical lowlands, salt marshes, rivers, waterfalls, tropical forests and savannas. About half of Bolivia remains forested and a majority of Bolivia’s protected areas are concentrated in the Andes and Amazon, however few of these sites have management presence and many are still entirely without administration, and still several ecosystems are not represented in the protected areas system.

Bahia del Garcero, Noel Kempff Mercado

Bahia del Garcero, Noel Kempff Mercado © Hermes Justiniano


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Bolivia is so mega-diverse, that all of its plant species have yet to be identified. Scientists discovered at least 24 new species during 2001. More than 220 of Bolivia's 4,000 endemic plant species are at-risk.

Bolivian Partner Organizations

In Bolivia, Parks in Peril (PIP) is concentrating on spreading Conservation Area Planning (CAP) methodologies around the country; as on 2004, 22 protected areas were using CAP and only 4 were actually supported by The Nature Conservancy. PIP is also working to practice conservation in threatened areas of Bolivia that are not part of the protected areas system through department, municipal and private lands.


Amboro-Carrasco National Parks PIP 2000 site

These two adjoining parks feature ancient volcanoes and prominent sandstone formations that have eroded to form deep canyons.  Learn more...

Eduardo Avaroa National Andean Fauna Reserve

At least 25,000 tourists flock annually to Eduardo Avaroa, making it Bolivia's most popular national park.  Learn more...

Noel Kempff Mercado National Park

One striking geological feature of Noel Kempff is the 2,000- square mile (5,180-square kilometer) Huanchaca Plateau.  Learn more...

Tariquía Fauna and Flora Reserve

A central section of the Andean yungas and cloud forests that makes up Tariquía operates as a water flow regulator.  Learn more...