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Ajos-Bavispe National Forest

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

Cuatro Ciénegas

El Ocote Biosphere Reserve

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve

La Encrucijada Biosphere

Loreto Bay/Isla Espiritu Santo

Ría Celestún & Ría Lagartos

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

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Mexico is well known for its incredible biodiversity and many unique environments. It is a highly mountainous country, with over half of its surface higher than 3,200 feet above sea level. Combining its Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the country has a coastline of nearly 6,200 miles. With numerous biogeographic regions, Mexico has more reptile species than any other country, and more than 10 percent of the world’s population of birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

Pez Maya area, Sian Ka'an

Pez Maya Area of Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve
© Edward Porter/TNC

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Mexico is one of the richest countries in the world in biodiversity, ranking 4th behind Indonesia, Brazil, and Colombia. One third of its terrestrial vertebrates and nearly half of its plants are found nowhere else in the world.

Mexico Partner Organizations

Created in 1983, the National System of Natural Protected Areas protects more than 26.3 million acres, or about 6 percent of Mexico’s land. However, Mexico’s protected areas are faced with many intractable problems, not the least of which is land tenure. Many parks have been established on communal lands, which often leads to land use conflicts. Deforestation, poaching, mining, overgrazing, and erosion are among the many other challenges that park managers face in Mexico.


Ajos-Bavispe National Forest & Wildlife Refuge

Ajos-Bavise is the largest protected area in the Sierra Madre Occidental ecoregion located in Sonora.  Learn more...

Calakmul Biosphere Reserve

Calakmul, together with other PiP sites in Belize and Guatemala, forms a 5 million acre protected forest area, the largest in all of Central America.  Learn more...

Cuatro Ciénegas National Wildlife RefugePIP 2000 site

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, Cuatro Ciénegas is one of only two desert spring ecosystems of its size in North America. Learn more...

El Ocote Biosphere Reserve

El Ocote, in the state of Chiapas, is part of 3 million acres of biologically rich, intact rainforest.     Learn more...

El Pinacate/Gran Desierto del Altar Biosphere Reserve

El Pinacate is part of the Sonoran Desert, or gran desierto, the most arid place in North America.   Learn more...

El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve

The forests in El Triunfo are some of the most biodiverse in Mexico, and on Earth.  Learn more...

La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve

La Encrucijada's coastal water resources are highly important to the region’s ecology and economy, and their protection has encouraged community-based conservation activities. Learn more...

Loreto Bay National Park/Isla Esprítitu Santo Migratory Flora and Fauna Reserve

Both Loreto Bay and Isla Espíritu Santo protect vital marine areas in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).  Learn more...

Ría Celestún & Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserves

Ría Celestún and Ría Lagartos protect the only mainland feeding and breeding area for the pink flamingo.  Learn more...

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Sian Ka'an is one of the first and largest biosphere reserves in Mexico. Learn more...