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Chagres/Panama Canal Watershed

Darién Biosphere Reserve

La Amistad/Bocas del Toro

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Serving as the bridge between South and Central America, Panama boasts an extraordinary range of biogeographic variation. The country’s Pacific Coast is home to Central America’s largest mangrove estuaries, while important coral reefs lie along the Caribbean coastline. In the western region, the Talamanca mountain range stretches into Costa Rica. Panama has the largest proportion of parks and bioreserves in Central America, with 16% of its 300,000 square miles protected. Similar to its neighboring countries, though, Panama’s protected areas face the threats of insufficient financial resources and personnel, illegal resource extraction, and incompatible land use.


Emberá family, Jaqué River, Darién National Park buffer area © George Hanily

Including forest and indigenous reserves Panama's protected area percentage rises to 35 percent, the largest in Central America.

Panama Partner Organizations


Chagres/Panama Canal Watershed PIP 2000 site

Chagres protects an important watershed for the cities of Panama and Colon, as well as Panama's precious biodiversity.  Learn more...

Darién Biosphere Reserve

Darién is the largest national park in Panama and Central America, with almost 1.5 million acres protected.  Learn more...

La Amistad International Park/Bocas del Toro PIP 2000 site

Extending from northwestern Panama to south central Costa Rica the La Amistad/Bocas del Toro region protects more than 2.5 million acres. Learn more...