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Costa Rica

Bordered by two oceans and crossed by three mountain ranges, Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty and unique biodiversity. Although half of the nation’s 4 million people are concentrated in the Central Valley, deforestation for agriculture and timber production has degraded much of the country. However, the government has restructured the protected areas system according to the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), which allows for biological corridors and promotes ecosystem management, compatible development, and community participation.

boy with cacao pod

Boy with cacao pod, Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor © Steve Hendrix

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National parks, forest reserves, and indigenous reservations, and other public and private protected areas account for 27 percent of total land in Costa Rica, giving the country one of the highest percentages of protected lands in Latin America.

Costa Rica Partner Organizations


Corcovado National Park

The Nature Conservancy helped the Costa Rican government create the more than 100,000 acre Corcovado National Park on the western part of the Osa Peninsula.  Learn more...

La Amistad International Park/Bocas del Toro PIP 2000 

Extending from northwestern Panama to south central Costa Rica the Amistad/Bocas del Toro region protects more than 2.5 million acres. Learn more...

Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor

The Talamanca region has one of the largest remaining stands of the Atlantic Moist Forests in Costa Rica and is home to outstanding biodiversity.  Learn more...