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Nicaragua Partners

Center for Environmental Right and the Promotion of Development (CEDAPRODE)
CEDAPRODE has been involved in Bosawas since 1993, including projects such as:  1) The Nature Conservancy’s Bosawas Project, a $2.5 million, four-year project funded by USAID and private donors; and 2) the Central America Agricultural Frontier Project. CEDAPRODE’s support has included supporting: the legal defense of indigenous communities land rights, the creation and strengthening of indigenous organizations, the creation and development of an Environmental Education Program for indigenous communities, promotion and implementation of the Conservation Area Planning process for Bosawas, and the creation and development of a Community Research Program. CEDAPRODE’s long term goal is to contribute to the strengthening of indigenous community organizations in order for them to gain an acceptable level of technical and administrative capacity to take charge of conservation, protection and management of the natural resources of Bosawas.

Address: Colonia Centro América de la Farmacia Vida, 1 Cuadra al Sur y 20 varas arriba, #D-229, Managua, NICARAGUA

Research Department at the Saint Louis Zoo
The Research Department at the Saint Louis Zoo has several areas of emphasis, including reproductive systems, endocrinology, nutrition, and Latin American ecology and conservation.  The Latin American program encompasses the following:

  • Biodiversity and conservation projects, including inventories, species abundance and distribution with GIS capability, behavioral ecology, and monitoring (Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Nicaragua)
  • Hunting sustainability, in collaboration with ecological anthropologist A. Stocks and nutritional anthropologist D. Cattle (Nicaragua)
  • Mexican Wolf Recovery program (Mexico)
  • Graduate and post-graduate student training (Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua)
  • Field Methods in Tropical Ecology and Conservation course for Central American biologists, in collaboration with St. Louis University and the International Center for Tropical Ecology/ University of Missouri-St. Louis (Panama)
  • Zoology and Professional Development Workshop Series for the Association of Mesoamerican and Caribbean Zoos and Aquariums (AMACZOOA) (Costa Rica, Mexico)


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