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Jamaica Partners

Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust
The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1987 to promote the conservation of natural resources and environmentally-sustainable development. JCDT's mission is to promote environmental management, education and policy advocacy in Jamaica. JCDT was directly involved in the establishment and management of Jamaica's first two National Parks, the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and the Montego Bay Marine Park. Parks in Peril support has enabled JCDT to establish park infrastructure, post and secure park boundaries, hire and train park rangers, and conduct valuable scientific research to improve watershed management. With much of the country's economy based on tourism and agriculture--both of which are completely dependant upon the viability of natural resources--JCDT is working to ensure that the island's biological integrity remains healthy and intact. Read more about Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park...

Executive Director: Dr. David Smith
29 Dumbarton Avenue, Kingston 10.
             P.O. Box 1225, Kingston 8, Jamaica

Telephone: (876)-960-2848/9
Fax: (876)-960-2850

Web page: Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust

Forestry Department
The Forestry Department is the main organization and governmental partner in the PiP program in Cockpit Country. The Forestry Department holds legal management responsibility over all forest reserves in Cockpit Country and the majority of the remaining high-quality natural forest. In March 2001, the Forestry Department published a National Forest Management and Conservation Plan, required under the Forest Act of 1996, to shift its emphasis from timber production to biodiversity conservation. Read more about Cockpit Country...

Director: Miss Marilyn Headley
Address: 173 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 8
Telephone: (876) 924-2667/8
Faxe: (876) 924-2626
Web page:

Read more about Jamaica...