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Bolivia Partners

Asociación Boliviana Para la Conservación ~TROPICO
TROPICO was established in May, 1986 by a group of professionals interested in the conservation of Bolivia’s biological diversity. The organization's objectives focus on studying and providing, in the public's interest, the scientific and technical basis for the conservation of diversity and supporting and promoting measures that enhance the conservation of the country's protected areas and the areas that surround them. TROPICO also focuses on supporting and promoting renewable natural resources and wildlife management and providing information about biodiversity and related topics to various segments of the government and the public through an integrated communication system. Lastly, the organization provides advice to public and private entities and grassroots groups on different environmental topics according to their needs and requirements.
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Executive Director: Patricia Ergueta
Address: Calle Alfredo Ascarrunz 2620, Segundo Piso Casilla 11250, La Paz
: (591)-2-2 423495
(591)-2- 2423526
Web page:

Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza
Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN), founded in 1988, is a private, non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz that supports the management of Noel Kempff Mercado National Park. FAN works in cooperation with the National Department for the Conservation of Biodiversity, in the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment.  Read more about
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park... and Amboró & Carrasco National Parks...

Executive Director: Karin Columba
Address: Santa Cruz
Telephone: (591-3) 556-800
Fax: (591-3) 547-383
Web page:

Servicio Nacional de Areas Protegidas (SERNAP) ~ The National Service for Protected Areas
The National Service for Protected Areas (SERNAP) was created in October 1998 as a decentralized and independent operative structure from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Planning in La Paz. Its main objective is to coordinate efforts for the maintenance of protected areas, wildlife resources and genetics. The National General Treasury finances all of SERNAP's activities through international donations and internal financing. SERNAP is the leader of its specific sector in the country and its mission is to coordinate the functioning of the National System of Protected Areas.

Executive Director: Not Available
Address: La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 2317742 - 43 - 47
Fax: Not Available
E:mail: Not Available
Web page:

Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija (PROMETA)
Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija (PROMETA) is one of the many private, non-profit organizations that have arisen as a result of growing environmental awareness in the Department of Tarija. Most of these NGOs devote their efforts to the city of Tarija and the surrounding valley. Based in Tarija, PROMETA’s first conservation endeavor was in the Tariquía Reserve where it has been working since 1991. Important activities include conducting campaigns to increase community awareness, organizing workshops for the local population, and implementing an integrated training program for the communities in the reserve.
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Executive Director: Alfonso Blanco
Address: Calle Alejandro del Carpio No. E-0659
              Tarija, Bolivia
Telephone: (591) 4 - 6645865
Fax: (591) 4 - 6633873
Web page:

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